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What is CarsMIS?

It is a fully-featured auto repair software, exclusively designed by Protogramma Informatics, which covers every need of your garage.

The purpose of its creation was to offer the ultimate management of everything going on in your auto repair shop, effortlessly, securely and fast, contributing in its greater advancement and savings in time.

What are the features of CarsMIS?

✔  Organize the details of customers, suppliers, car technicians and any type of vehicle (brand, color, model, registration number, owner name, etc.) with one click and save all information about service, spare parts, receipts, KTEO etc.

✔ Add to the calendar the dates of your service appointments with your customers and any other pending issues and never forget any future obligations, thanks to the reminder notice feature.

✔ Go to any action with detailed data you have added, such as service history, payments, receipts, expense movements etc.

✔ The advanced technological infrastructure of the software, gives you the capability of dynamic adaptation to your needs through the friendly and functional interface (user interface), while making the cost of use affordable.

✔ The advanced technological infrastructure of the software, gives you the capability of dynamic adaptation to your needs through the friendly and functional interface (user interface), while making the cost of use affordable.

✔ Automatic SMS sending to the customer a few days before the expiration date of MOT of his vehicle.



Unified operating interface

The company can have immediate and secure information, without time consuming update procedures. General features such as Calendar – Appointment, registration and printing of Service order and automatic transformation into an invoice, ability to manage and monitor insurance companies, obligation for KTEO of each vehicle and the expenses of the company

Ease of use & bulk processing

Easy navigation without the need of special knowledge and capability of bulk processing between entities (Customers, Vehicles, Spare Parts & Items, Technicians, Vendors, Suppliers, etc.) and movements (Service, security, KTEO, sales, receipts, etc.) of the software, which are basic processes for each garage.

Document Prints

Capability of parallel creation of documents, both in printers (laser, inkjet, dot matrix) and in files in other electronic form, such as PDF, XPS, XLSX, but also for direct sending by e-mail.

Save Files, Documents, Photos

Connected to all application entities, for complete archiving. They are stored either in FTP Server or in a software database.

Dashboards – Prints

Innovative feature with integrated design tool and environment similar to modern Business Intelligence statistical packages and packages such as Power BI (Microsoft). The software also offers dynamic addition and change of available fields of the application for Prints (Reports).

ERP connectivity

Ability to transfer offer or order to commercial software, with immediate updating of customer files and ERP items

Integration with Microsoft Office suite

Export and send by email reports, document printing forms, etc., in various file formats (pdf, excel, text, xps, etc.)

Roaming User Technology

Each user can work in his work environment from any workstation.


Ability to translate the software into a language of your choice, for companies with non-Greek speaking staff.


Flexible data security system. View and edit users and their rights with the ability to accept or deny access so that business information remains secure.


Application Features

Microsoft SQL Server 2016 – 2019

Microsoft Visual Studio 2019 .net 4.5 / 5.0 C# / JS 

System Software:  Windows 10, Windows Server 2012 R2, 2014, 2016, 2019 



CarsMIS uses state-of-the-art graphics that make it very easy to design new constructions

Software Modules

  • Basic Modules for Customers, Vehicles, Spare Parts & Supplies, Technicians, Sellers, Suppliers
  • Modules of movements for Service, security, KTEO, sales, receipts & payments, purchases
  • Dashboards – Prints
  • Reports – Invoices

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