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ProtoProduction - Προσφορές & κοπές κουφωμάτων

Από 800,00 € + ΦΠΑ ετησίως, έως 30.4.2018

Ενδείκνυται για παραγωγικές και εμπορικές επιχειρήσεις κουφωμάτων / ρολών / σητών

Περιλαμβάνει κόστος εγκατάστασης, παραμετροποίησης και εκπαίδευσης, 4 ωρών

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Our company offers Pylon ERP Commercial Start for all products (Proto Sales, Proto Production and all customer specific programs) during the year 2016 for products over 999,00 €. In addition, to customers that buy our new products (Proto Designer, Proto Viewer & Web Viewer, ProtoSales Web), a single year contract for updates and support is given for free. Contact us now. Finally, the offer for withdrawing competitive software is still in force.

New Proto Products

Since June 2014 our new products that create reports and statistics for any database (Proto Designers, Proto Viewers and Web Viewers) are in the market. Please contact our sales department for a demo. Under construction in 2016: 1. Reporting tool for Softone (web services) 2. Proto Apps link for Epsilon NET Pylon ERP (web services) 3. Proto Rolls .NET version for roller shutters and garage doors (ready). 4. ProtoSales2  5. ProtoProduction 2 5. Windows Configurator for retail sales of Windows and Doors.

ERP Support Center

Our company sells and supports Altec trade and accounting applications such as Softone such as Softone ERP and Softone 300 and the corresponding applications in Azure & mobile. Finally we sell and support Epsilon NET trade & accounting applications. The software Protogramma Informatics works with these applications through the web services of each company.

The company

The company was founded in 2013 by members of Protogramma Informatics Ltd., well known in the field of computer companies, installation and support of ERP software products as well as windows sales & production software, roller shutters & mosquito nets software and generally specialized production programs on demand and in communication with known ERP software. The company acquired all the software source code and rights from Protogramma Informatics Ltd., thereby continuing the successful work with new administrative staff, new technologies and new partnerships in the information technology and construction (windows, roller shutters, mosquito nets, security doors, windows mechanisms and accessories, etc.).

  • Object

    Our main occupation:

    • Full computerization of business
    • Development of specialized software
    • ERP & accounting applications Sales & Support
    • Microsoft Office 365 Sales & Services
  • Expertise

    The company has many years of expertise in the following products:

    • ERP support Altec, Epsilon Net, Softone
    • Software developing, .NET C #, Ms Access, Ms SQL Server
    • Microsoft Office 365
    • Management software, windows manufacturing & sales software, mosquito nets & roller shutters software
    • Servers & Networks
    • Statistics – Data Analysis
  • Partners

    Our Key partners:

    • ERP: Altec Software, Epsilon Net, Softone Technologies
    • Hardware: Avaya, Intel
    • Internet: Forthnet, Intralink Web Services
    • Software: Eset, Microsoft
  • Customers

    Some of our customers are:

    • Aluminum: Alkat, Mantzaris, Formal
    • Trading: Akritidis, Vasiliadis Gardens, Sinodias, Pethealth
    • Windows: Alsyk, Kehaidis, Thermoplastiki, Captain, Pierdoor, Synco
    • Abroad: Eticom, Gabstore, Zital Taloumis, uPVC Fenster
    • Wood: Doctor Dom, Drossos, Kiritsis Windoor, KufomaGusto
    • Mosquito Nets: Belco, GS, Sital
    • Roller Shutters: AluminRolls, Macedonia Rolls, H-Alucom
    • Doors: Sabadoor

Some of our satisfied customers

Χαλκίδης Χαράλαμπος
Χαλκίδης ΧαράλαμποςΔιεύθυνσηSynco Α.Ε.
Αθανάσιος Μπουλούσης
Αθανάσιος ΜπουλούσηςΓενικός διευθυντήςPierdoor Α.Β.Ε.Ε.
Κωστής Μπαλόγλου
Κωστής ΜπαλόγλουΔιεύθυνσηΘερμοπλαστική Α.Ε.
Γιώργος ΜπουδούρηςΔιεύθυνσηΜπουδούρης Γ. & ΣΙΑ Ο.Ε. ‘Aluminrolls’
Ευστρατία ΣυνοδιάΔιεύθυνσηΣυνοδιάς Ι. Β. Α.Ε.
Γαβριήλ ΓαβριήλΔιεύθυνσηGabstore Trading Ltd

New Protogramma Apps Products

Proto product (Proto Apps) Presentations. All applications are written now only in Visual Studio 2013 C # & SQL Server 2008 R2 & 2012.

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