What are the benefits of a business with the connection of the online store (eshop) with the commercial program (ERP)?


Every business that has an eshop, either already uses an ERP system or has heard of it and considers acquiring it, in order to reap the multiple benefits that it can offer.

Unfortunately, a lot of companies do not know the ability of automatic and two-way integration of ERP with their Eshop, thus losing the unique capabilities and competitive advantage it can offer in the market.

Through a connector our company has the ability to connect and “bridge” the gap between the ERP software and the e-commerce platform of each company, automating the functions between them.

Some of the advantages of the eshop connection with an ERP are:

  • Download and automatically update of data in real time on both platforms e.g. product availability
  • Save valuable time since it is updated in only one platform
  • Reducing the possibility of mistakes resulting in increased productivity
  • Better and easier management since through the interface the manager gets an overall picture of his business in real time

Trust the experience and technical knowledge of Protogramma Informatics to level up your business

No matter what e-commerce platform you use (WordPress Woocommerce, Shopify, Magento, PrestaShop), our specialized staff can integrate your online store with your ERP trading program (either SoftOne or Pylon) by providing:

✔ Full implementation of the Eshop integration with your ERP system

✔ Immediate service and technical support