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Modules of Protoproduction

🗸  Basic production program

🗸  Module for frames – entrances

🗸  Section for window shutters

🗸 Section for roller shutters

🗸  Section for window screens

🗸  Cutting optimization, simple optimization, warehouse and retaliation management

🗸  Evaluation and order of materials

🗸  Reports – statistics – pivot – dashboards

🗸 Warehouse management – Purchasing

🗸 Creation of stocklists  from cost lists

🗸 Communication with ERP (EpsilonNET Pylon – Softone)

🗸 Contact  with production machines, saw, adhesive – cleaner, machine bench, machining centers

🗸 Special structures

🗸 Production monitoring

🗸 Offers from materials, from materials (with optimization), from price lists

🗸 Publishing of associates – representatives


🗸 Workshop management (placements – service)

🗸 Financial transactions of customers

🗸 Web & Mobile clients

🗸 Frame design (vector graphics)

🗸 Application server (cloud servers)

🗸 Office components

🗸 Multiuser version


Sales control

 Ability to determine the percentage of conversion of bid into order, ability to track sellers’ goals, export statistical results per customer, seller, time period, area, type of construction and whatever else the company needs

Custom Prints

 Ability of printing an offer form according to the needs and preferences of the customer, possibility of printing a sales contract, order form, order lists to suppliers (for rolling shutters, windows, insect screens, panels). Ability to modify prints with the intervention of the user.

Data storage

Ability of retrieval of direct data, customer record keeping, offers and orders.

Data Security

 Ability to have multiple users by setting permissions for every working position (roles)


Ability to translate the program into a language of your choice

Simple and quick registration

Easy copy of offer, conversion to order, mass change of color, profiles, windows and handles.


ProtoProduction uses leading edge graphics  that makes it very intuitive to design new constructions.

Price list management

Ability to create new price lists by simply copying from Excel files, ability to copy, print and price them, quickly and at ease.

ERP Connectivity

Ability to transfer an offer or an order to commercial software, with immediate updating of customer files and ERP items.

On-line shipping at headquarters

Save time, avoid mistakes, full reliability of results

Multiple costing options

Ability to use price lists with cost or sale prices or per square meter, find price by dimensions or area

Monitoring of customers’ financial data

 Particularly useful for points of sale when trading program is not available.

Creation of a discount policy

Discount per customer category, type of construction, additional discount depending upon to payment method, reverse discount with rounding of final price.


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