Discover the custom software of Protogramma Informatics, designed to give the lead to the growth of your business!


Built exactly for the needs of companies and factories in the field of door frames, rolling shutters, insect screens and shutters 

A pioneer software in Greece and top-tier in Europe, specially designed for the sales & production department of door frames, rolling shutters, insect screens and related products.

It is available on tablet and mobile application and has the ability to interface with your ERP software in the sales part in order to create sales documents and the warehouse to create warehouse and purchase documents.

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The new Protogramma Informatics software, designed exclusively for the management of an auto repair shop , gives you complete control over all your workshop activities easily, quickly and safely.

Friendly user interface, possibility to register every customer, supplier, vehicle, spare parts, etc., printing documents on printers and electronic files are some of the many features provided to the user.

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Print generator where prints are created in any database.

They are stored and displayed through Microsoft Forms, our company software (ProtoSales, ProtoProduction) and any Internet browser.

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If you want to make the most of the investment you have made for your business by acquiring a state-of-the-art ERP system (Softone or Pylon by Epsilonnet) or one of Protogramma’s innovative software (ProtoProduction, ProtoSales), then the ProtoWeb tool is what you need.

Enter the web portal anytime and anywhere by simply entering your credentials.


Enter the data from the above software into forms, compare these data (eg statistics, sales etc.) and print the results.