The ultimate tool for
bookkeeping & auditing in Cyprus


Protogramma Informatics in collaboration with Epsilon Net, offers to the Cypriot market, the new generation innovative program PYLON Accounting Cyprus, specially designed for the accounting and auditing offices of Cyprus.

  Covers a wide range of needs of the accounting office for keeping and monitoring the books for each type of business

✓  Friendly environment designed in state-of-the-art technology, offers innovative functions and ideas while leaving huge scope for customization and adaptation to the user’s personal preferences

 Fully harmonized with Cypriot and International Accounting Standards.

 Automatic and fast entry of accounting articles effortlessly, via Quick Entry feature

✓  Easy export of accounting articles from the ERP your client uses

Manages in a single environment all the subsystems related to the full operation of the needs of your accounting office:

• Accounting

• Assets & Invoicing

• Forms & Financial Statements

• Prints & Reports

•  Electronic Document Digitization

•  Online connection with the Cyprus Tax Department TAXISnet

                  Plenty abilities









Complete Accounting Management (Accounting Articles, Calendars, Prints, Financial Statements, Reporting)

Design of Selective Inter-Company SIC that achieves perfect data balance and flexibility

Online and Offline Accounting information from commercial management (Purchases, Sales, Receipts, Payments, Expenses, etc.)

Endless possibilities of accounting information through multiple calendars


Built-in tax forms with immediate and automatic information

New generation of Accounting Plan design with rich features and flexible way of developing and maintaining accounts

Built-in templates and ready-made customization curated by the Epsilon Net Expert Team

Assets Management. Calculation of depreciation work and automatic creation of depreciation accounting item.

  • Automatic updating of all tax forms from Accounting entries
  • One-click electronic submission of all forms with support for all submission methods (obligor, accountant, representative, etc.)
  • Enter informational data per form
  • Multiple asset systems (Tax, Accounting, IAS, etc.)
  • Multiple depreciation rates per asset using date intervals
  • Possibility of uniform information on fixed assets or for each fixed asset system separately
  • Support for periods of asset inactivity, subsidies, grants, etc.
  • Monitoring of related assets
  • Depreciation calculation with free choice of periodicity
  • Automatic creation of accounting articles
  • Speed in entry with free customization of form design and keyboard shortcuts, per user
  • Standard articles and “smart” features, such as e.g. Document type field update from last trader update
  • Possibility of parallel updating of foreign currencies
  • Instant access to transaction financial data, CRM data, account tab
  • A variety of filters and customizations in official and informational prints
  • Print profiles for instant execution of pre-configured printers with one click
  • Print to paper, export to all known file formats (.pdf, .xls, .doc, etc.) and display in WYSIWYG or grid
  • Data zoom-up to article / subscription level
  • Free design of custom prints through E.R.G. (Easy Report Generator)
  • Creation of multiple Templates for all types of Financial Statements (Balance Sheet, Income Statement, Cash Flow, Change in Equity)
  • Dynamic configuration of Sections, Funds and Columns per Template with word processing capabilities
  • Definition of a number of Financial Statement Periods
  • Automatic Recovery and Completion of Statement with Recovery from Accounting Data and Stored Statement
  • Ability to calculate and print in multiple currencies and languages
  • Connect with any commercial application of the market and update transactions, transactions and accounts through the unique tool “Import Designer”
  • Fast data entry through the “FastImport” tool
  • Integration and consolidation of Accounting data from all Pylon series applications
  • Update from Extra, Hyper, Business and Pylon Payroll applications

Automatic Submission of Forms (Online)

Put an end to the time consuming process of preparing your tax and accounting forms. Automatically calculate and fill in all the forms and submit them with one click in the respective online service of TaxisNet.

Full independent use

The uses are completely independent of each other and can have different periods (month, week, day, etc.), book category or even Accounting Plans! This way you can more easily keep all your data collected and not have to create a new company every time there is a small or big change in its accounting parameters!

Advanced financial information

With the ease of one click, view the financial data of a trader, get the current Financial Image, make comparisons with the past and evaluate the performance of the company with the Indicators and upgrade the financial reporting of your company easily and quickly!

Export the Report in any format you wish and share it with those you want for your next meeting!

Free fields and dimensions

Turn your accounting application into the ultimate administrative and financial information tool.

The extra out of the box-custom fields that are available in each of your entries are able to integrate any information you need either by upgrading the reporting of the Finance Department or by offering a bridge of communication with other systems and information centers of each company.


The ultimate tool for digitizing, managing and registering documents in a single, integrated process.

Digitize, register automatically and file electronically all your office documents using only your device (scanner, tablet or mobile) !

Control procedure

The process of checking and searching the generated documents / documents is carried out with ease, so that the user can proceed directly to changes or modifications

Parallel operation

The application works perfectly and is not burdened or burdened by the operating system used by your device. The applications that “run” on your device continue to operate without interruption, as Digital Accounting Cyprus implements the digitization of documents

simple scanning process

Simple scanning process (scanning) and automated transfer function (from scanning directly to the application), without “intermediate stages”, installation or additional configuration

Automatic data entry

Data is automatically entered into the Epsilon Net, Hyper & Extra Accounting applications. Save time without any additional action by the user by updating the documents directly in the accounting application he uses

Editing and display speed

The On Premise function reduces the process time from scanning to the display of the document on the user’s screen. It does not require an internet connection, so the viewing of the files depends on the speed of the respective network. Processing and display of documents to the maximum without the involvement of third parties.

Operation without Scanner

When a customer sends us his documents in pdf format then Digital Accounting Cuprys digitizes them and enters them in our accounting system without the need to scan them.


Digital Accounting Cyprus works with scanners, mobile phones or tablets and is compatible with most devices on the market. The purchase of a special device is not required for the application to work. Immediate installation and operation on the user’s device.

Automatic archiving

After scanning and importing the documents in the accounting applications of Epsilon Net, archiving is performed without additional procedures by the user. Document organization is now an automated process in the operations of a technologically advanced accounting firm.

No extra charges based on the volume of the documents

No additional configuration / installation costs

No use and no occupation of your Internet line

No need for “learning” in order to operate reliably

  • Simple and understandable operation (from scanning phase directly to the program), without “intermediate operating stages” and configuration needs
  • Speed of processing without dependence on the burden of third party providers (eg Online Services) Online Services)
  • Automatic electronic archiving
  • Easy process of checking generated documents
  • Compatible with the vast majority of devices on the market
  • Parallel operation without charge in time & cost for the end user of the application

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