Pylon Erp

PYLON ERP supports and simplifies all the functions of a business by increasing the speed, control, organization and monitoring of its activities


PYLON ERP is a resource planning software that allows a company through the automation of processes, services and resources to achieve optimal results and take correct management decisions.

The innovation of PYLON ERP is reflected in its technological “intelligence” to provide complete solutions, which effectively meet the needs of a modern business. The need to shield profitability and financial health is the number one demand for companies today. Limited monitoring of business operations and incomplete data from unrelated information systems lead to wrong decisions.

All this is long gone with PYLON ERP. Having in a central point and in real time the supervision of the whole company, with PYLON ERP you manage the critical operations in relation to their initial budget and you gain the financial control through valid and complete information.

PYLON ERP integrates in a single database all the operations of a company such as:

  • Warehouse
  • Markets
  •  Production
  • CRM
  •  Sales
  • Financial & Accounting
  •  Supply Chain Management
  • Service

Unique Advantages

Rich capabilities