In general

PYLON SHOP is an intensive retail application – Retail which is addressed to retail stores, in order to cover with speed, flexibility and security their daily transactions, but also to ensure the data required by A.A.D.E. both with its direct connection to the myData platform but also with the appropriately updated sending of the accounting articles to the accountant.

It can be installed and operated as easily as a cash register.

PYLON SHOP removes handwritten receipts and invoices, automates payments and immediately updates all tax changes related to your business.

The application covers both “single point of sales” stores and more than one “multi points of sales”.

For reasons of functionality of the specific industry, which mostly uses cash registers, PYLON SHOP offers functional possibilities of sales invoicing (retail receipts and sales invoices) since it is not necessary to monitor the purchases and other items in the warehouse.

The PYLON SHOP is scalable and can be connected to the PYLON commercial programs as well as evolving to follow the evolution and expansion of your business.

Unique advantages

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