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The technological superiority of PYLON is evident from the moment of installation. A state-of-the-art platform developed in Microsoft .net Framework 4.5 for maximum speed, stability and security of your data.

Technological superiority

✓ Stateless Application Server
Your data “travels” safely and quickly. Even if your network is temporarily down, your data storage will be reachable when it is online again!

✓ E.R.G. (Easy Report Generator)
Create your own print without any technical knowledge! Prints can also be displayed on a browser screen, exported to all Office formats, attached to emails or even integrated as a KPI (Key Performance Indicator) in your personal dashboard!

✓ Excellent U.I.C. (User Interface Customization)
Each PYLON user can have a unique and completely personalized user experience. Feel free to design monitors, add and remove fields or your own calculation, verification, etc. processes according to your business needs, through the Workflow Customizer.

✓ Asynchronous Processing
You can work while the background system calculates and prepares what you need. Schedule PYLON Scheduler to prepare the print you want at night after your day job closes and email it back to you!

Business benefits

✓ I-UI (Intuitive User Interface)
The time required for the training of your employees is very short, thus reducing the cost of their transition from the previous system.

✓ Familiar work environment
It is designed to “intuitively” guide the user, taking advantage of their existing familiarity with the Windows operating system or Microsoft Office suite applications.

✓ Personalized user experience
The software adapts to your business and not your business to the software. By adding new data where you need it, you develop new rules and controls to ensure that decisions are made on real data.

✓ Data Mining
The specially designed data mining architecture aims to provide you with valid information from previous periods with unparalleled speed and immediacy, so that you can easily and simply identify the points where you need to focus.

3 axes of innovation
Fast completion of procedures, without waiting and dead times
Functional working environment, without the requirement of specialized technical knowledge
Absolute adaptation to the requirements of each user and each company


PYLON works perfectly with 4 different types of databases:

  • Firebird
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • Oracle Database
  • Cloud

Compatible with Windows 10
Pylon applications have been tested on Windows 10 and have no problems, so they are 100% compatible with Windows 10 (32bit & 64bit).

Discover the applications of PYLON that cover your needs of your own business