ProtoProduction version


  1. Short offer: In the offers and orders the product category cost column was added to the product sets
  2. Short offer: When the additives came from the product and had the default dimensions of the product in the set, it did not bring the correct dimensions per product in the offer – order. Solved
  3. Short offer: When the rolling shutter had a deposited rolling shutter, the grout covers did not calculate the correct section. Solved
  4. Orders: Correction of calculation of order line sets when there is a choice in materials minimum dimension per meter
  5. Orders: New scenario for the purchase status of the order. The entire history of the purchase of materials is recorded to be monitored by the entire company
  6. Connectivity with ERP: The goods did not cross the bridge on the Softone order. Solved
  7. Printings:
    • New printings: Orders for Scissors (Sabadoor)
    • Customer Offer DrDom: Change of company details
    • Optimize Time Saving (ARV): the Profile Code as a filter
    • Optimize Label (ARV): the Profile Code as a filter
    • Exoikonomo (Thermoplastiki): Display Positioning and Extras separately
    • Financial Offer (SPITZE): Sort with Auto Group
    • Financial Offer with Discount (SPITZE): Customization with the Auto Team
    • Customer Order: Change in appearance
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