ProtoProduction version


  1. Templates: Left-right drop-down template correction to improve price calculation from the price list
  2. General: Upgrade user interface to new version 21.1 with many new features. The key feature is that ProtoProduction programming will now be integrated into the Blazor environment. It is one of the most modern programming languages for Windows – Web and Mobile Applications. More information in the coming months, especially after summer
  3. Prints:
    1. Offer (Macedonian Rolls): Change of comments
    2. Offer (Nexus): Change of comments
    3. Captain: Change of bank account in the offers. Correction of the frame comment not to be covered by the vertical line when it is large
    4. Customer Offer DrDom: Image change
    5. Optimize Label (ARV): Brings 2 entries in the double cut
    6. New printing:
      • Orders for Scissors Label (Sabadoor)
      • Orders for Pantografos (Sabadoor)
      • Financial Offer (ARALCO)
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