Soft1 Series 5: For the first time, banking transactions through a software

SoftOne, a member of the Olympia Group of Companies, is once again changing the game in the business software market, bringing a new era in the implementation of corporate banking.

Setting new dimensions in the concept of process automation, the company introduces the pioneering Soft1 FinTech function, making the day-to-day banking of the modern business, directly from its commercial software, a reality.

The Soft1 FinTech function achieves the seamless and secure connection of the Soft1 Series 5 applications with the banks’ e-banking systems. In this way, it helps the company to manage its bank accounts through the Soft1 Series 5 interface, displaying in real time the balance and their movements, but also ensuring their agreement with the system registrations.

With innovative technologies, as well as the validity of the bank details, the Soft1 FinTech module allows the Soft1 Series 5 to be instantly informed of all account movements (such as remittances, money transfers, bank charges and payment payments), automatically creating all relevant records and documents. At the same time, it provides the possibility of banking transactions (such as remittances, transfers and payment of expenses), directly through the respective sections of Soft1 Series 5.

The Soft1 FinTech function is available in operation for all Soft1 Series 5 commercial combinations, supporting the e-banking system of the National Bank, while the integration process of the other banks is in progress.

Mr. George Marinos, Director of Digital Transformation of the National Bank, said about the new Soft1 FinTech function: “SoftOne software solution works perfectly with the electronic services of the National Bank, supporting in practice the operation of a modern and practical fintech tool that broadens the prospects of businesses, whether they are startups or traditional organizations. ”

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